Shall we buy Oracle?

Once in a long while, all the wiggles, trend lines and charts patterns will line up so perfectly for a chart watcher that he or she becomes so bullish on a stock and doesn’t want to talk about anything else.

That’s what happened to Carter Braxton Worth, a veteran technical analyst at institutional macro research firm Cornerstone Macro, when he lined up the charts for Oracle Corp. ORCL, -2.69%  ahead of the business software company’s fiscal fourth-quarter results due after Wednesday’s closing bell.

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“Once in a rare while, a single marquee large-capitalization stock is so well positioned — read: an important inflection point is so clearly implicit in the stock’s chart pattern — that…[I] will focus on said stock, to the exclusion of all others,” Worth wrote in a note to clients. “Such is the circumstance for the shares of Oracle at the time of the writing.”

“Any which way one chooses to annotate the long-term chart…the message comes back the same: Buy Oracle for a breakout…here and now,” Cornerstone Macro technician Carter Worth

A big reason for Worth’s bullishness is that Oracle’s stock has been following nearly to a T one of his favorite chart setups, one he calls a “conventional” buy pattern, as shown in the chart above.

“Indeed, a security trading at or just below well-defined tops at a common level, toying with the prospects of a breakout-type move above said tops is perhaps the single most well-known and well-documented moments in all investing,” Worth said.

This slide show highlights several charts that depict other bullish patterns in Oracle. Worth, who has been voted second or third among technical analysts on Institutional Investor’s All-America Research team in each of the past six years, sums them up in one word: “Buy.”